At the Florist (After American Beauty).

Today I wandered

Into a flower shop

David Austin roses

Puffy like mushroom caps

Three dollars a stem

Statuesque stock

Arching their backs

Botanical swans

I could not spare

The eighteen dollars

For the sweet posie

Its dimples shining through the mason jar

Fireflies in a vase

So I settled on a single bloom:

A carnation, two-fifty a stem

It is the colour your earlobes turn

When you squeeze them

The colour of a screaming newborn

Your mother’s lipstick

Your bridesmaids’ dresses

It is the colour of impossible wishes

The hope that flits around our heads

Too quick for the crush of our fists

Now it stands upright

Preening its tulle petticoat

The cheap ceramic of the vase

Holding its bones like a plaster cast

Each layer of petals a gyrus

A reminder

Of transience

Of frustration

Of beauty.

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